Monday, August 16, 2010

KRNGY… bringing you handmade oddities and musical obscurities since 2007

The KRNGY logo is an independent and complete DIY (do it yourself) music, video and art company started by a couple of South African citizens. We have always aimed at finding, creating and releasing true treasures in our local market. Not tied down by commercial thought or interested in the generic, everyday sound and look we have dug our fingers into a market less explored, and we would like to share with you the amazing things we have found. Integrity is a term not taken lightly in our society, success is measured on different scales and to us it’s measured in what you do rather than how much you can make financially.

We offer a large part of ourselves on many different levels… we record, produce and sell our music, we design, package and print almost 90% of our products (occasionally outsourcing), we do videos ranging from music videos to animations and we throw events.

The best part is our wide variety… from Kwaito psychedelic beats of Justice Makoena to the raw savage energy of Sticky Antlers; we have a little bit of everything. So drop us a line, order some products and feel a little better about yourself.